Best Friend


Provide a home, love, companionship, training and a lot of snuggles

By fostering a dog, you are helping to give short or long-term care for our rescued animals. You don’t have to worry about all the food, equipment, and supplies–the organization will be the one to provide them. We will also pay for all the necessary medical care. Your part will be to provide basic training, love, and attention to help prepare your foster dog for its forever home.

Every time you foster a rescued dog, know that you are also saving a life. What can be more rewarding than that? Fill out our form today, and let’s end animal cruelty together!

Provide a Loving Home

A foster needs to have a that is condusive to the type of fur baby they will be fostering. Some dogs need plenty of room to run while older dogs are just happy to settle down next to you on the couch or a dog bed. Find a Best Friend will work closely with you on any items you might not already have. They will also take care of any veterinarian services needed to get the animal ready for adoption. Scroll down the page to fill out an application.

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Help With Fundraising

Start a fundraiser on Facebook, ask for donations, create a community event. We welcome any monetary help we can get. Nursing these babies back to health can can run into thousands and thousands of dollars each year.

Volunteer at Events

Come to one of our adoption events and help care for the fur babies. Answer questions, make sure each adoptable pet looks it best so they become that much more adoptable.

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